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Signs your Negligence is Costing you Money 

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Signs your Negligence is Costing you Money 

Your negligence can cost you thousands and can put your family at risk. Homeowners have the responsibility to ensure that their properties are safe. Failure to uphold and maintain your property can negatively impact your home and insurance. Insurance negligence is a failure to act reasonably when faced with a situation or circumstance that leads to damages. 

If you decide not to report issues or damages for some reason, it could be considered negligence on your part. 

If you fail to report damages promptly to your insurance company and more damage is caused, the insurance company will likely increase your rates if they decide to continue your coverage. 

The insurance company has an obligation to pay specific claims. Still, if they feel uncomfortable with your actions or feel that you have been negligent, they may take the opportunity to review your insurability with them after the fact—they may even cancel your policy.